Portfolio | Centro Medico Internacional - Mexico

Centro Medico Internacional homepage designWebsite architecture, web design, interactive map and complete development. Centro Medico Internacional Supage designStrategic featured sections targeted specifically for each type of user.

Design objectives: The Centro Medico International is the biggest most important hospital on the border towns of Matamoros Mexico and Brownsville Texas. The customer needed a clean, user-friendly website that meets the needs of clients, employers and Health professionals.

The Hompage meets the viewers with an easy navigation and 3 featured sections. The features are easy access to their 3 main goals. Easy to get to, safety, and explain why CMI is the best choice for your well being.

The sub-pages are structures in a consistent format so the user knows where they are and how to go back to where they were. The format of the subpage also highlights different features that are related to the section they are in.

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