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Design objectives: Kevin uses rich synth pads, drums and additional layers of piano, strings and vocals. This is music with a message: We all have a lot in common, regardless of race, ethnicity and religion. Yes, we are all kindred. (Kindred's cover won cover of the year in the 2008 Music Design Catalog and was used as the catalogs cover design!)

Sacred CD cover designSACRED

Design objectives: Gregorian Chant, Native American voices, and various world vocals are artfully woven to create a rich tapestry of music that channels the wisdom of the ages. Let the rhythms, the beautiful melodies, and the ancient voices transport you to a place of wisdom, peace, and sanctity -- to a place that is truly . . . Sacred.


Design objectives: SCENIC LISTENING is a soothing experience and a creative approach to New Age music. The CD design had to combine all the elements expressed in Kevin's music.


Design objectives: SYNERGY, in this CD Kevin has compiled established and up-and-coming artists designed to introduce you to the world of relaxing multi-instrumental New Age music.

Client testimonial: “Claudia is great to work with. She is very intuitive with her work. She quickly knew exactly what I needed.” -Kevin Wood

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