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Snappy Snacks Mobile Catering Homepage Branding, icons, image collages, truck branding, HTML 5/CSS3 production management. Snappy Snacks Mobile Catering Subpage and mobile view Subpage and iPhone view

Design objectives: The client need a new website that would work in all platforms. Tom specifically loved the animated banner running across showcase all the branded trucks from his company. Snappy Snacks has many business strategies and so the site needed to illustrate all the things that the company does. The design is bright, lively and reflects the essence of Snappy Snacks.

Because the website is constantly changing, it uses SSI (server side includes) for the main menu and a few of the sub-menus. This makes it easy to update and change with minimal time requirements. The website is produced with HTML5 and CSS3 and the design is a 960px fixed format. The header banner and photo galleries are created in javascript which allows functionality in smart phones and tablets as well.

Client testimonial: "Claudia is the best to work with. She is smart, quick, creative and very reliable. I have trusted Claudia with our branding and websites for over 7 years."
- Tom Ramsey, president and owner of Snappy Snacks Mobile Catering.

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